El Nido Best Island Camping

Most people who have travelled to Philippines for Vacation talk about the beauty of the Country. The country is geographically beautiful with attracting views. Philippines have more than 7000 Islands that have very beautiful views. Nearly everyone who has visited the various Islands in Philippines talks of one Island group that is unique from the others. These islands are known as the El Nido islands. From Manila you can easily fly or use a boat to El Nido.

El Nido Islands

The beauty of the region is not in the town but the surrounding water views. Its beach comprise of Limestone rocks, soft sandy beaches, caves, marine life and lagoons. The Islands have a beautiful view that would quench every beauty thirsty soul.
There are many boats that can assist you to make your ways through the waters. A stay in El Nido for several days can help you to relax and unwind your mind after a long period of work. People who toured through these islands usually leave with a wish to be back again.

El Nido LagoonsEl Nido Island Hopping, el nido best island camping

El Nido has the best lagoons that are open to the tourists. Visiting the lagoons is one of the best parts of the visit to this Island. The long and deep waters up to the knee or waste give an impressive feeling. You can swim into the lagoon and enjoy the show. The area has many visitors from all over the world who offer company and makes it fun.

El Nido Islands Camping

One of the awesome adventures you can do in El Nido is Island Camping. You can hire a boat privately or go on a shared tour with other people. In the daytime you will go around the different islands, lagoons and snorkeling sites and explore the great nature. Before Sunset you will choose a beach to set up your camp. You can set up a tent or just sleep under the sky. Since there is no light pollution you will see much more stars than in citys, this view will amaze you. For dinner you will have a BBQ with local delicacies. A bonfire can make the whole scenery very romantic as well. The next day you will visit some more islands and then head back to El Nido town.
Bring some mosquito repelant, enough sunscreen and some extra shirt in case you get wet.

El Nido best island campingConclusion

El Nido is the one of the best places to visit in Philippines. The islands have a beautiful view and people are very friendly to visitors. You can camp in the Island for a few days for vacation. The island has many sites fit for various activities like weddings.