El Nido – The Gateway to a Hidden Gem of the Philippines

el nido island hopping, el nido tour packageFor generations of travellers who desire to experience adventure and excitement more than anything else, the Philippines are one of the tried and tested locations in the southeastern Asia. Today, this country offers a range of incredible opportunities for any type of an adventurous traveller. One of its biggest destinations is a place that in many ways could be called hidden or at least not that known – that place in mystery is El Nido in the Palawan province. Here, anyone who travels will attain a chance to experience something completely spectacular. Explore the raw beauty of one of the gorgeous places in the whole Philippines. With any of the numerous El Nido tour offerings, these jewels of nature can be reached and experienced. With this in mind, here are the key facts about the same location and the El Nido tour package alternatives that will help anyone make the most in this incredible place.

A Nest between the Rocks and the Sea

The town of El Nido, known in the Philippines as a first class municipality got its name from the Spanish word which means “nest”. The name is well-chosen because the town’s location is literally nestled between massive limestone cliffs. An other reason are the local swiftlets and their edible nests that are now world-famous. While the territory occupied by the town has been inhabited during the last couple of millennia, the town really began to grow and develop in the early 1800’s with the influx of the Spanish colonist. For the tourists, the place started to get more popular when its diving station was created in 1983. In the past few decades it became one of the most intriguing places in the country for good reason.

The Main El Nido Attractionsel nido island hopping tour a, el nido tour package

For most visitors, El Nido represents the key base that they use for the exploration of the Bacuit Archipelago. The Archipelago is probably the biggest tourist attraction in the same region. The town of El Nido might not offer the most spectacular beach in the world, but it is the location where an emerging bar and restaurant scene is taking root. Consider Corong-Corong as your place for accomodation, it is just 5 minutes away from town. With an El Nido tour package, any visitors can rest assured that their down time and great meals and bar-outings can be found right in the town. But, the true fun of the same location begins with an El Nido tour that includes island-hopping and beach-hopping. Right next door to the town is the Cadlao Island with its impressive and menacing peak. Naturally, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the available islands in the same region. Corong Corong beach is long and narrow, you will find quiet bars and good Restaurants . To the north of the El Nido is the Caalan, a series of resorts located on an elongate rocky strip. To the east, villages of Sibaltan and San Fernandino offer an excellent mix of experiencing the Philippines. These places are as they were before the tourist boom, along with excellent accommodations.

With all of this on offer, it is clear to see why so many people decide to travel to El Nido. Have a fantastic time in the beautiful and pristine spot in the Philippines!