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Wondering of the perfect el nido tour c, philippine holidaysholiday destination where you can unwind, let loose and forget about the pressures of life? Lush green vegetation, white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters can help clearing up your mind while having lots of fun. The destination you are looking for is the Philippines. Philippines is arguably one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. The country has a blend of contemporary setting made of huge malls and first class amenities and in the background is the rural areas which have a rustic feel. Philippines together with other Asian countries is in the process of coming up with an ASEAN visa which will help travelers move from freely withing countries in that block. Let us explore the magical Philippines further and find out what it has to offer in terms of tourism and travel.

Best Philippine Holiday destinations

Fun Fact: Did you know that Philippines has the 5th largest population of anglophone speakers in the world? Well, now you know.
The following are some of the best destinations that we recommend you visit when in the Philippines:

El Nido

El Nido is an archipelago of small islands located in Palawan province and if you love the outdoors, beaches and the sea-life, this is a good bet. It is a picturesque archipelago of small islands and definetely Instagram worthy. It is mostly famed for its top of the range beaches and a booming hospitality industry. El Nido is well accessible through air, road and sea modes of transport from all vantage points of the country. There a lot to offer including snorkeling, deep sea diving, waterfalls, beaches, nature trails among many others in El Nido.


Ilocos is a coastal province located to the north of the country and is a popular destination for tourists. There are a lot of interesting history and historical monuments in Ilocos and it is very scenic. Popular attractions include the Sinking Bell Tower in Laoag, sand dunes in Lapaz, Paoay Church and many others.


Bicol’s most iconic tourist attraction is without a doubt the Mt. Mayon. Rising to over 8000 ft Mt Mayon is the highest point in thw whole Bicol region. Other places that you can visit in Bicol are Quintiday Hills for nature trails and hiking, Sumlang Lake for a cruise in a life raft made of bamboo and beautiful sunset views.


Bohol is a like a set from a movie, the place is unbelievably beautiful and majestic. Another perk of Bohol is that it is that the number of tourists visiting is considerably lower hence more tranquility and freedom. The Chocolate Hills which comprise of more than 1500 hills lined side by side are the major attraction in Bohol. Some other fun activities to do in Bohol include visit the numerous beaches, snorkeling,el nido island, philippine holidays and our personal favorite is riding a stand-up-paddle on Loboc River.


Iloilo has a mix of modernity while still maintaining a bit of historical monuments. There is a lot to do and see when in Iloilo. The top attractions include; the Metropolitan Cathedral, St Anne’s Church, Nelly’s Garden which is a historic building which amplifies stoic architecture and Casa Mariquit which is another building with a lot of history.