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El Nido – The Gateway to a Hidden Gem of the Philippines

For generations of travellers who desire to experience adventure and excitement more than anything else, the Philippines are one of the tried and tested locations in the southeastern Asia. Today, this country offers a range of incredible opportunities for any type of an adventurous traveller. One of its biggest destinations is a place that in […]

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Visit to Palawan Coron

As a traveler, traveling and exploring islands had always fascinated me. Pieces of land surrounded by water, with waterfalls, caves and other fascinating spots were like exploring heaven. Palawan Coron One such place was Coron island situated in the Northern Palawan in the Philippines. The small island is a little piece of heaven where one […]

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Why You Should Travel to El Nido Island Philippines

The wildly dramatic picturesque setting of El Nido Island Philippines gives you an entrance into a whole new world. Its landscape is characterized by massive rocks soaring above clear, turquoise ocean water with beautiful wildlife and hidden coves spread all over this island. No wonder, El Nido is attracting tourists from all over the world, […]

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