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When I took my first dives many years ago, I was always surprised how my Instructor found his way back to the boat. If you feel the same way you should join our navigation course. We will show you how to handle the compass correctly and how to use objects for a natural navigation.

If you already took the Advanced Open Water course, you have done the first of four navigation dives already. You will do the remaining three dives with us and you can do that in one day. As an Open water diver, you can also take the navigation course. You will do all four required dives with us and it will take two days.

In both cases, you can do the theory part online by yourself. The day before your dive, you will come to the dive centre at 5pm. We will go through the knowledge review and prepare your equipment for the next day.

On the days of your dives, we will meet at the dive centre at 8am and return, usually around 3 to 4 pm.



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