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You will stop at the snake island in Tour B, which is a sandbar that looks like a snake. Walking on this sandbar seems like you are walking on the crystal clear water. There is a high rock at the end of the shallow that you can hike up and enjoy a beautiful view. Your next stop will be Pinagbuytan island which is made of limestones 125 million years ago. People also call this island Elis Island. Enjoy some snorkelling in the clear water or relax at the Beach. Another great spot of this Tour is the Entalula beach north of El Nido. It is a long white sand beach, which is boarded with tropical vegetation. Explore the Cudugnon caves where the locals hide during WWII from the Japanese invaders. It is also an archaeological site where potteries from the Sung Dynasty were found. The last stop of your island hopping Tour B is dedicated to snorkelling. Just put on your mask and snorkel and be ready to admire the colourful fishes, the corals and maybe even some turtles swimming around!




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